External Data List Open in Dialog Missing

On a recent project I have an external data list showing some data from a SQL database that is part of an LOB system.  When I click any of the items in the list I’m getting the list’s display form but it launches in a dialogue.  I really want it to be a full-page so List Tools/List/List Settings but Advanced settings isn’t there because it’s an external data list.

One of the things that would often work in a previous version if a setting got trimmed out of the UI is just construct the URL to the setting.  My list is on the Admin subsite of my web application, so I can use:


and then put the GUID of my list on the end.  I get the advanced settings with one option Launch Forms in a Dialog.  If I put this to No and press OK, I can turn dialogues off on the list, just like any other.  There really was no need to trim this setting out of the interface

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