I am an IT Consultant with over 15 years of experience delivering software and hardware solutions in SharePoint, CRM SQL and Windows Server systems.  Anything I say in this blog is my personal oppinion and experience.  You use any ideas or code that I describe or demonstrate at your own risk.  Any code should be considered an example for your own testing and completion.

The first part of my career involved working in infrastructure technologies.  During my 11 years at KnowledgeIT I moved from the Software Support desk to a technical installations consultant and Practice Manager.  I developed the project planning methodologies that were adopted by the technical teams.  I managed projects from scoping and installation through to handover to support.  Technologies used: Windows Server (from NT3.51 to Windows 2003) Exchange Server (4.0 to 2000), SQL Server, CRM 3.0, SharePoint Services 2.0 and Portal Server 2003.

For the past 5 and a bit years I have worked at TSG and specialised in Microsoft SharePoint, Dynamics CRM and related solutions.
Technologies and methodologies I use are: SharePoint Designer, InfoPath, SQL BI Development Studio, TSQL, XSLT, XML, Active Directory, PowerShell, SQL Server, IIS, jQuery, JavaScript, and MS Office


Dynamics CRM
Microsoft SharePoint
Microsoft SQL Server


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